Stocking Suggestions For New Planted Tank


Set up a 40 breeder planted tank with ada aqua soil, running inline co2 with finnex planted plus 24/7 lights
My plants are: dwarf hair grass, Monte Carlo, Rotala, dwarf sag, and a red tiger lotus
Running two cascade 1000 canisters

My planned stock is a school of harlequins and a school of cardinal tetras with some shrimp and a group of Otos
I also want to add colorful fish that don’t need to be kept in groups, I was thinking of a German blue ram, apistogramma, or killifish, but these may not be shrimp safe.
Also have no experience with shrimp and need some suggestions
And how much of each do you think would be ideal?


Two of the most common shrimp kept in community tanks are cherry shrimp and amano shrimp. Cherries are more colourful but amanos are more prolific algae eaters. If you go with cherries, any centrepiece largish fish is gonna try to prey on them or their shrimplets. But your tank is well planted, enough of them should survive. Amanos are larger and should hold their ground better against larger fishes.

Since you have tetras are rasboras at the mid to top levels of your tanks already, I'd opt for a more bottom half dwelling species as centrepiece. A pair of cocucktoo apisto triple red would be a great option.
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Thanks for the reply
Would a mix of both work or is it better to stick to one species of shrimp?
I love the cockatoo cichlids, beautiful color
would I have to worry about them eating shrimp?

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