Stocking Suggestions For A 180 Gallon?


So my friend has a 180 gallon aquarium and he is looking to make it a planted community tank. He wants Black Neon Tetras for sure and is just wondering your guy's stocking suggestions. Please include a number count for each of the fish that you suggest.


Here is what I suggest:
- 3 angle fish (centerpiece fish)
- 3 blue gouramI (Centerpice fish)
- 12 black neon tetras (Schooling/background fish)
- 12 serpae tetras (schooling/Background fish)
- 1 peacock eel (unique fish (need a tight lid))
- 12 cory catfish (algae eaters)
- 1 bristle nose pleco (algae eater)
- 1 albino bristle nose pleco (algae eater)
- 1 lace (synodontis) catfish (unique fish)
- 8 danios (top water fish)
- 10 guppies (they will likely breed) (top water fish)
- 6 mollys/platys (mid water fish)

I am not well versed in plants so I won't make suggestions for those. With this stocking I recommend 25-50% water changes a week.


I don't think the danios would work because of temp requirements


I think I have an idea of what I would stock If I was stocking a 180 gal.
- 5 angelfish (center piece)
- 5 Gold Rams / German Blue Rams (bottom dweller - mid tank)
- 20 Black neon tetras (School)
- 10 Congo tetras (mid tank school)
- 2 diamond plecos
- 10 corydoras (bottom dweller)
- 10 marbled hatchetfish (top water)
- 10 Clown Loaches (bottom school)

I could probably add some more catfish or unique other fish like CaptainAquatics mentioned above.

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