Stocking Suggestions For 35 Gallon Pond

  1. arvind2205

    arvind2205 Member Member

    Hello folks,

    A while back many of you helpful lot helped me decide on a filter solution for my pond. I have it setup for a week now, the filter has been cycling and today I went to the local pond store and added some plants to start with. I will be adding more soon :)

    This is what it looks like, I will be adding more plants:


    I'm finally ready to stock it. I want to overwinter this pond and I will be getting a heater, probably like 300W so it should have no trouble keeping the temperature around 50- 60F through the winter. Filter air pump is rated for 60G and I bought a top-quality sponge filter made for ponds.

    So, I'm looking for stocking suggestions now. How many of what fish would be good?

    - White cloud minnow
    - Rosy red minnow
    - Killifish
    - Mosquitofish
    - Guppies
    - Platies
    - Swordtails
    - Ricefish?

    As always thank you for your thoughts.
  2. maggie thecat

    maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Rosie reds! A dozen will provide loads of interest and color. Just be sure to get the colored ones, because if they breed, the gray is dominant.