Stocking Suggestions for 30g Planted Tank

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    Eightgutter New Member Member

    Hey everyone, I'm setting up my first planted tank and I plan to add fish in a few months. I'm not really sure what a good combination of fish would be for it. I was thinking maybe a school of some type of tetra and maybe a few others. I haven't decided on plants yet because I still need to do some more research into them. What would be some good stocking setups for this type of tank?
  2. gsong321

    gsong321 Valued Member Member

    I have a 29 gal community tank in my bedroom and it's a very busy place. It has giant Amazon spears that take up about 2/3 of the space, rocks and driftwood covered with ferns with a few other ground cover plants. I started out with a few black skirt tetras and then added cory's. Snail's love this tank with all the plants but the latest addition of 3 African dwarf frogs really livened things up. I've been a snail fan for years but the frogs are an absolute kick in the pants. I didn't know much about them when I purchased them other than my tank was suitable for frogs. I ended up with one male and two females.These little guy's are smart, almost a little devious but they're a blast, they were the perfect fit for the community. They sing at night and my wife loves it! Anyway with action going on the bottom, in the middle and near the top of the tank makes it's fun to watch for hours on end. Good luck on your tank, the really cool thing about raising fish is being able to create your own little world and watch what you created grow and flourish.