Stocking Suggestions For 150l


I want to get some either stocking suggestions or any suggestions (or info) on any of the fish in my 150L, these are my fish...

1 scissortail rasbora, thinking of getting more soon but not sure if it will work as the rasbora is like 6-7 years old, would he attack them?

8 neon tetras, they all have ‘neon tetra disease’ and I don’t want to keep them nor can I cure the disease.

2 kuhlI loaches, I quite want to get more soon and probably will.

10+ guppies, they are all going to a new home soon, but after they leave I may get some nicer looking ones to replace them.

2 BN pleco

I have so many problems with this tank and I don’t know what to do, any suggestions?


Neon tetra disease is highly contagious so I would recommend giving them a hospice tank to themselves. As for the others, you will NEED to get more kuhlis and rasboras (6 of each).


I don’t have a tank I can use for an official hospital tank nor will I have enough money anytime soon. But I do have a 10 litre tank (2.6 gals) but I don’t think it will be large enough


Then I would recommend waiting the disease out/waiting for the fish to die then clean out the tank really well.


Sadly that’s probably what I’ll have to do
After that I would like to work on improving the schools +10 scissortail rasboras and +10 kuhlI loaches!
Thank you for the advice!

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