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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by rae64, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. rae64Well Known MemberMember

    alrighty.... so here is the deal. i'm having second thoughts about tank stocking. you can read up on my

    so.... i was going to stock with
    5 cory cats
    1 angelfish
    5 platys

    but im a little worried about how the angel will do in a 29 gal with stacked rocks as decor. would i be better off with:

    3 female lyretail mollies
    3 female platys
    1 female swordtail
    1 male dwarf guorami
    1 balloon molly
    5 cory cats?

    am i over/understocked? which would be better? any other fish i should add/take off?
  2. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    why females for your livebearers? they can come to you from the store with sperm stored in them already... do you prefer the look?
  3. Tony G.Fishlore VIPMember

    It sounds fine to me. The fry you can just let the parents feast on them. I think she wants them like that so they wont have babies, but chances are that they are already pregnant, all you have to do is just use the fry as feeders untill they are out of sperm LOL
  4. rae64Well Known MemberMember

    i know i will have babies at the beginnning... im worried about them fighting. will all males be ok? if so that would be wonderfull... i have no baby outlet.

    will the female sword get lonely? or will she be fine with the platys and mollies as company? also i might see if a few make it to adulthood... if so i may have one person to take a few babies, but i definately do not have room for like 100. i guess they will be diet supplements.

    another question: are pearl gouramis simlar to DG's? would a pearl work in my tank?

    :animal0068:Hello. I've merged your posts since there wasn't a response between.Thanks!
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  5. rae64Well Known MemberMember

    thanks for merging ken! :)
  6. peacemaker92Well Known MemberMember

    Hi rae64. To answer your question about the pearl gourami. Pearl Gouramies are bigger than Dwarfs but both are commonly peaceful. So the only difference is the size. IMO, I'd go with Dwarfs for your tank. Best of luck! :;hf Hope to see some pics when the fish are in :)
  7. rae64Well Known MemberMember

    peacemaker, i guess i will just have to see what the lfs has. i really like the looks of the DG and the pearl gourami, but prefer pearls. also, i found out swordtails get to be like 4 inches, and look just like platys, so i'm not going to have any. also the lyre tail mollies are big so im just going with 2. so with 2 lyre tails (8 in) 3 platys (6 in) 5 cory cats (10 inches) 1 balloon molly (1 in) and a dwarwf gourami gives me 27 inches.

    EDIT: i did a little more research on dwarfs... i think i'm in love with the honeys! so beautiful! could i keep 2 in my tank? i know that would max out my stocking.... would they get along? would one be picked on?
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