Stocking Sawbwa Resplendens In 23 Gallon

  1. ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~ Member Member

    Hi everyone.

    Currently I have 3 rummy nose tetra (Hemigrammus Bleheri) and 13 Asian Rummy Nose (Sawbwa Resplendens) in my 23 gallon planted tank. About 4 male Sawbwa and 9 females.

    My LFS have a whole heap more of the Sawbwas in, and I would like some more. If I were to take the rummy nose out, how many more Sawbwas could I put in my tank?

    The Sawbwas adult length is 1 inch - 1 1/4 inches.

    I was planning to get a few more rummies to give them a proper school, but now that my LFS have more Sawbwa in, I want more. If I take the rummies out we will get some more for their school.

    Thanks for any suggestions! :)
  2. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member


    What are the dimensions of your tank? (Argh...and sawbwas are soo cute!)
  3. Pishies Member Member

    I love Sawbwas too. I would be very interested to know the number to keep.
  4. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Depending on the dimensions I think you can add 7-12 more once you get rid of the rummynose tetras.
  5. ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~ Member Member

    24 x 15 x 15 inches. Its a bow front. And, yes KinsKicks they are beautiful fish! :)
  6. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    I think with that, you could definitely increase your stock up until 30 comfortably and still be understocked :)
  7. ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~ Member Member

    Thank you! I ordered 15, which will make it 28. :) Cant wait to get them!
  8. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Argh me too, it'll be so fun to watch! Please post pics! Lol. I don't get to see sawbwas around here
  9. ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~ Member Member

    They are so beautiful, they swim through the plants and even play in the bubbles from the filter. It's very hard to get pics because they move so much, but I'll try! ;)
  10. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Lol, try taking a vid and doing a screenshot from the vid. That's my secret way of capturing zippy fish lolz :p (I hope it doesn't sound like I'm making you take pics of you don't want to :confused: Just a tip for photos in general :) )
  11. ~EverythingsSoSawbwa~ Member Member

    Good idea! I've tried taking photos of them so many times, but it just kept coming out fuzzy. Thanks :)