Stocking: Re Pleco, Cory, Barb, Tetra, Gourami, Betta? o.O

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    Hi guys!!!
    I know I haven't posted for a while, my fish keeping got a little laid back due to lack of funds.

    I've temporarily moved to Darwin for a job and I have just spent $300AUD of hard earned cash on a new tank :D

    It's a plain glass one, (you know the sort, no hood or filter slots) 900X500X350 in millimetres. So that makes it... Approx 155L, 41US Gallons or 35UK Gallons.

    I'm going to do a thread for the aquascaping part, so I won't go into details here.

    My plan for stocking atm is....
    Tetras - probably neons.
    Barbs - smaller ones, maybe Cherry.
    Pleco/Cory - See below
    Gourami - Maybe a dwarf or two, or see if the pet store has any more smaller kinds. I know they have Kissing but they apparently grow to 30cm!

    And thennn work is trying to get me to tank home their Betta only I don't have anywhere to put him. I'm not too sure about Betta temperament with all the differing views. Some people swear by separate, some people love community. Only unanimous is don't try sticking them A. together or B. with another big finned fish.

    If you see any obvious issues with that basic list, point them out :) I'm still doing my specific research. This is ONGOING!!


    What do you think would be best for this type of makeup in regards to Pleco/Cory?
    1. Do I get 3 widdle Corys of the same type for schooling?
    IE: Something that only grows to be max 5cm and will be happy in a small school.
    2. Do I get 2 widdle Pleco/Corys?
    IE: two placid ones (Pleco or Cory, doesn't matter) of different species, probably no more than 8cm big. I'd lean towards an upsidedown and something else.
    3. Do I get 1 larger Pleco?
    >.> I'll admit it, I want a whiptail pleco. But I'm worried the tank isn't big enough. I've read a bit online and most places say 15cm ish.

    I've always found them quite unattractive but lately I just find plecos and corys darned cute and I think they'd be good to have in this tank for maintenance. I will take any suggestions :)

    Thanks guys.
  2. NMfishmanWell Known MemberMember

    your stocking plan sounds good. the dwarf gourami would be good, but not the kissing.
    You can have bettas in community tanks, but you need to plan all the other fish around the betta. They can't be with fin nippers active fish, I have had them with neon tetras. I would say no barbs with the betta and the gourami is hit or miss some bettas are fine with them others will fight. Unless you really want the betta I would not take him.
    I would get 4 corys of the same type.
    Your stocking plan should be really nice with the 4 corys and the DG.:)
  3. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    me responses are in blue.
  4. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    I was reading MM's post about breeding bettas, and how you stick the female betta in a tank within the male's tank to see if they'll mate. I was wondering if the same would work, putting your betta you want to introduce into the tank inside another, and see if any of the fish seem aggravated. Has anyone tried it? I fed the office Betta some blood worms today and he looked at me funny. Like You're the strange person that keeps pressing their face to my bowl! And now you feed me? Hrrrmmmm

    Anyways work.

  5. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    Ok so weird story. At work today the woman I was buying the tank off said she was cleaning it for me last night and she broke it. LOL

    So I just went out and bought a brand new flashy tank that was mistakenly discounted bwahahahaha. When I pointed it out the staff member was like "OH GOD WHAT DO I DO?" So I got it about $50 cheaper. I don't think it'll change my stocking though :)
  6. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    Just a question... about how many different types of fish can I get in?
    I would like to get 3 sets of small schooling fish.
    I'm leaning to tetras, barbs and corys as you can see above, but what about rainbow fishies?!
    And any ideas on a pretty fish I could put in as a feature other than Dwarf gouramis?
    Would angels work?
    Head standers?
    I'm just not sure!!
  7. MeenuFishlore VIPMember

    An angel should work fine.
  8. FriendsNotFoodWell Known MemberMember

    Ok So I have 6 cardinal tetras and 6 juvenile cherry barbs. Getting 6 more cardinals once the filter has adjusted a little.

    I have decided to try a female betta in there, probably 4 corycats (just got to decide on the kind, theres tons around here and my LFS has offered to order anything I want in... including submersible lights woo!) and maybe 6 of another schooling fish. I'm going with a female betta because a family friend has offered to teach me to breed them, and is going to give me his breeding equipment. EXCITEMENT!!! And theres a LFS that stocks special varieties of bettas. Their female collection is amazing. I should try ninja pics for the betta fans.

    For the schooling fish... still can't decide on a teta, barb, or rainbowfish. Mmmm I should look into rasbora's too... But my LFS has blue tetras and gorgeous pink blind tetras. They're the colour of rosy barbs, so pretty. Another one has chilli barbs which look lovely too.

    Would some kind of dwarf gourami or angel still be okay? Once I move on to the bigger fish I plan on stocking verrrryyy slowly to make sure of the harmony. I will probably get the female betta in 2 weeks.

    My current fishies are schooling together in a corner of the tank. It's just so empty with only those 12 littlies. Need to finalise this stocking plan!


    Pics are of the currently littlies. Hopefully the cherry's colour grows in nicely.

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