Stocking questions for pond noob.


Hi everyone, I have owned fancy goldfish for a few years and wanted to build them a pond. I was aiming for around 300 gallons. My goal is to only have to do 1 large water change a month. I thought it would be good to give each goldfish 50 gallons to itself so does 6 goldfish and an albino pleco sound ok for stocking?

Is my water change plan reasonable? If so can I have more goldfish without increasing water changes?


Your plan seems mostly reasonable. You would have to test your water to see if the monthly changes would be enough or not. I assume, as they're still small your schedule will work fine, but as they grow larger you might have to go to something closer to every other week or so. I would say 50ppm nitrates is a good goal to not go over for a goldfish pond. The lower the better of course.

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