Stocking-possibly A Betta Sorority Tank

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I got a 10 gallon tank today. I decided to take advantage of Petco's $1 per gallon sale (a 10 gallon tank isn't that expensive in the first place, but I still saved a few bucks)
Now I have to decide what I want to do with it.
I was thinking of doing a female betta sorority, but I have seen people saying that a 10 gallon is still too small to house multiple female bettas.
I have only taken care of bettas and shrimp before, but if I am able to go into a different route and keep other varieties of fish, I will do it.

If I do a female betta sorority, I was going to have plants and lots of decor with hiding spots.
I have a female in a 3 gallon already and she's been alone for about a month. I was going to add her in with 3 other females (?) but I'm worried that she will be too used to being alone. But, it is going to be a completely new setting, so maybe she will learn to share space..?

I was planning to put the 3 gallon to the side and empty it out and put all of that stuff into the 10 gallon along with some plants from my 5 gallon.
I will probably use my 3 gallon as a hospital tank if I need to.
I was going to put my 3 gallon filter into the 5 gallon and then the 5 gallon filter into the 10 gallon because the filter in my 5 gallon is strong even on it's lowest setting so I had to heavily baffle it.
I secured a sponge over the intake and stuffed sponges into the outtake. So if I decrease the baffling and increase the flow, it will be strong enough for a 10 gallon tank.
But the filter has one suction cup and then a clip at the top to secure it, but the clip will not be able to fit over the frame of the 10 gallon, so I'm kind of hoping that the filter will stay in place with the one suction cup. I guess I could also remove the clip and secure it another way somehow. I think I'll figure it out.
If that doesn't work, I might actually invest in a sponge filter but I would like to use what I already have because of the cycled media/beneficial bacteria established in the filters.
I was also thinking of moving 2 ghost shrimps from my 5 gallon into the 10 gallon because I have 5 ghost shrimps in the 5 gallon atm.

Please let me know if I can continue with my plan or if there are problems with it. This is my first time owning a 10 gallon tank so I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks!

If I really shouldn't do a female sorority, I'll just do another betta or get a divider and have 2 bettas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
If I separate the 10 gallon into 2, I will move the betta I have in my 5 gallon to the 10 gallon and then move the female into the 5 gallon and then get another male betta into the 10 gallon.
Just some more things I can do with it
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I wouldn't suggest a betta sorority in a 10 gallon. Most people suggest a minimum of a 20 gallon long tank for a sorority. Betta sororities also need a minimum of 6-7 females in the tank, which would be too many for a 10 gallon. That many females in that tank would become very territorial over the small amount of space. If you do decide to start a sorority in a larger tank, it would be best to not add your current female to the group. Most people find that sororities work best with young bettas all from the same clutch.
You could make your tank a divided tank and house 2 bettas, or you could just house one if you prefer! You could also make it a shrimp tank!
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Heavily planted it may work, this means hiding places for all females so they can get out of sight of the others. Six is a good place to start in a bigger aquarium (to be honest I have a ten with six females and they have yet to harm each other and always greet me when I come over). You cannot do dither fish like tetras in a smaller ten gallon (20 long for this), but snails shrimp and even kuhlI loaches are possible, if the girls can handle being around them without thinking they are food.

It is not ideal to have the ten gallon as a sorority because if the females suddenly mature and decide they don't like the others (or if it turns out one of a male that was mislabeled) the others have no place to run.

I personally would see if you current female will handle being with shrimp and snails and do a tank around them as they are rather neat.
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I heavily planted my 10 gallon with 5 females. It worked for a month... I now only have 3...

I wouldn't recommend
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Yeah I gave up on the idea of having a sorority a long time ago lol.
I set up the 10 gallon and put two male betta fish inside.
One is the one I have had for the past month-the blue/mustard double tail and a koi betta I just got today

And my female is now in the 5 gallon with the shrimps

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