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Hello. After doing a lot of research, I’ve decided on how I want to stock my 55. I’ve already got a dozen or so shrimp and two snails(who probably won’t survive with my stocking), 11 black skirt tetra, and 12 Serpae Tetra, and I have two other species going in. I don’t know what to add next. I’m going to be adding in 3 pearl gourami in a 1:2 m/f ratio, and 3 apistos in the same ratio. I know this might could some controversy but I’ve searched long and hard and most people seem to say that as long as there are enough of the tetras they will not bother the gourami too much, and because the gourami stick to the top two thirds of the tanks and the apisto the bottom third they are generally ok together, especially as the gourami will hold their own if they need to. I’m just not sure which to add first, as they will be added a few weeks apart, and probably not for a few more week/months. Thank you for any help!
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