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    I'm trying to come up with a stocking plan for my 29 gallon, semi-planted tank, currently cycling. I had really wanted to turn it into a betta sorority but was discouraged by the apparently very high failure rate and risk to the fish.

    I'm not in love with any of the stocking plans I've come up with, so any advice or compatibility flags would be greatly appreciated. One fish I know I definitely want is cory cats (either pandas or dwarves, or maybe 6 each?). Probably 6 or 9 of them.

    I have a general preference smart, colorful fish that are fun to watch. And if they're small, I'd rather they school rather than disperse all over the tank. And I'd prefer to keep the tank temp around 80 and a pH of 6.5-7.5 just *in case* I have to keep a betta fish in there in a pinch (and I mean in a breeding container/net).

    My various ideas:

    A. (27 inches of fish)
    - 6 cory cats (panda) / 9 cory cat (dwarf)
    - 2 blue rams
    - 9 neon tetras

    B. (25.5 inches of fish)
    - 6 cory cats (panda) / 9 cory cat (dwarf)
    - 3 sparkling gourami
    - 6 neon tetras

    C. (27.25 inches of fish)
    - 6 cory cats (panda) / 9 cory cat (dwarf)
    - 2 angelfish
    - 2 dwarf gouramis

    Other fish I've considered and not totally ruled out:
    - livebearers (guppies, endlers', swordtails, etc.)
    - red fin/serpae tetras (but what I'd really love are the candy cane tetras...but they're rare)
    - barbs
    - rasboras

    Obviously I'm all over the place. Any suggestions?
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    I like your choice B. Very nice and colorful. Choice C can be quite risky because you have a pair of Angelfish and if they're male-female, there might be some territory issues.
  3. OP

    midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Oh, hm, I actually thought it would be better to have 2 angelfish, at least if they're already paired. I actually don't know how likely it is for them to pair up while sitting around in the shop, or whether they basically only do that when "conditions are right," i.e. just before mating. It was kind of a last minute sort of idea, so I'm sure it shows. And it's not an ideal tank for angelfish in any case (not tall).

    As for B, sparkling gourami are not easy to track down, far as I can tell, I like them better than the people who stock the nicer LFSes in the city. I will just keep looking, or look into special ordering.

    Thanks for your input. :)
  4. Nutter

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  5. OP

    midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    That doesn't sound bad to me by any means, but by my calculations, that's 33 inches of fish in a 29 gallon tank, no? The numbers I was using were:

    cory cats = 2"
    neon tetras = 1.5"
    blue rams = 2"
    sparkling gourami = 1"

    Guess I could go down to 6 neons. Also 9 dwarf corys is actually .75" less than 6 pandas, I think.

    (P.S. I'm mainly counting in multiples of 3 because my favorite LFS has a buy 2 get 1 free special on most fish.)
  6. Nutter

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    I wouldn't get too concerned about the 1" per gallon rule. It's a general guidline at best. There shouldn't be any problem housing that list in a 29gal, especially if you do end up planting it out like you seem to be planning. Plants will help with the filtration a huge amount. Those fish should all get along fairly well. The biggest problem would be if the Rams are a pair & decide to breed. They could end up bullying the Corys around abit.

    So long as you make a territory for the Rams to take over & you have enough filtration that list should be fine.
  7. OP

    midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Planting is the idea anyway. :) I need to polish my list of plants to get, because I am not going to be pumping in CO2 for them. Will be low-tech aquascaping for the next few weeks! Soon as I get around to digging out all the icky Florabase... that tank looks like soup right now.
  8. Nutter

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    Florabase is horrible stuff. I'm sure you will have a great old time digging it all out. :)

    So long as the filtration is up to the task the fish I mentioned should get along in 29gal pretty well. You could of course drop one or two of the Corys if you want to stick to the inch per gallon rule. 4 is still an acceptable group in that size tank & it may even be a good idea if you do end up with the Rams breeding.
  9. bolivianbaby

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  10. OP

    midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry to go back to this, but I kind of fell in love with some balloon blue rams at the LFS today.

    If I were to nix the neons and stock only corys and balloon blue rams (say 4-6), would that create even larger territorial issues? At least if I wind up with more than one pair?

    Also considering stocking some other tetras instead of neons...serpae or pristella maybe. Or green tiger barbs, but I think they get too big.
  11. OP

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    Hm actually I did some more reading on rams, and I shouldn't apparently keep a second male ram anyway in the size tank I have, much less 2-3 potential pairs. So at best I could do 1 male and multiple females, it looks like.

    Edit: at least some corys are probably fine at 80 degrees, just not the pandas that I wanted. So I think I will try going with pygmy cory cats, or else Julii or common ones. I do apologize for talking to myself here. It's just as well I'm crazily indecisive and keep backtracking on half-formed plans, since I keep coming across problems before they've even materialized...
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  12. Nutter

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    Looks like your research is serving you well. You would definitley have problems if you attempted to keep more than one male Ram in your tank. If you decide to keep more than one female then you will need to create a territory for each of them. The females will defend thier individual territories against the other females & the Corys but the male Ram will be allowed to come & go as he pleases. If you are very clever about the decor design you might manage to get away with 3 females & 1 male Ram but you would have to drop the Corys altogether. To be honest 2 females & 1 male would be much better given the tank size. 3 females is really pushing it. Have the Rams as the only bottom dwellers (no corys) & have surface schooling fish for movement & colour.