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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by BennyB, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I am going to get a 75 gallon tank soon. I have a new job, now it is the saving for the tank, and at the same time trying to pay for car insurance and phone service that will be hard.
    Anyway, I am looking at some options for stocking...I want a lot of fish in there, A LOT.

    So this is what I was thinking I wanted in there:
    Red Wag Platy - I am in love with the Red Wag Platy, and want as many as I can get.
    Redtailed Black Variatus - I also like this little guy, he is cool looking and I want as many as I can get in there.
    Black Mollies - Same as above...
    Dalmation Mollies - I like these too, but I don't think I would want a bunch. Maybe 4 minimum.
    Silver Mollies - I like mollies... :)
    Neon Tetras - These guys are the coolest little fish I think I have ever owned. I want a whole mess of these!
    Lampeye tetras - I don't want a mess of these, but I would like enough for a decent sized school.
    And some Plectos.

    I may be biting off more than I can chew, but I love challenges. I wanted at least 7 Red Wags, Redtailes, and Black mollies. 4 Dalmation mollies and silver mollies, 15 neon tetras, and 6 lampeyes.
    I know that is a lot of fish, but I wanted to start with a good number and see how far I could get.
    How many of each would you put into a 75 if you got one?

  2. Fish_Man Valued Member Member

    I personally like most of the fish you mentioned. My fav and that can fit a lot into a tank I would go for neon tetras or cardinal tetras. I like their "glow" and when you get a good amount of them.. they swim together and will follow your finger.. just like in the LFS... haha

    so in a 75 gal tank.. i would probably stock 50+ neon tetras, 4 oto for algae.. thats just one of my option

  3. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning Benjamin,

    :animal0068:I've moved your thread to the Aquarium Stocking Questions section of the forum to help you to get more responses.

  4. funkman262 Well Known Member Member

    I'd say if that's the stocking list you like, go for it. I'm assuming that you've spent enough time on this site to go with a fishless cycle when you get the tank. I'd suggest that what you can do is start slow, add a few fish at a time (after the tank is cycled of course), see if you like the way the tank is looking, and adjust your list as you go. If you're anything like me, you'll go to the fish store for one fish, but come home with another lol.

    It's hard to tell you if you're biting off more than you can chew or not. To see how far you can go, start off slow the way I suggested and keep up with nitrate testing. For example, if you're trying to keep your nitrates at 10 and it goes from 10 to 15 in one week, you'd need to do about a 30% water change per week. If that's too much for you, you know you've reached your limit. If you don't mind doing 2 or 3 water changes a week, then you might be able to get more fish (given there's no aggressiveness, the fish have plenty of room to swim as well as plenty of hiding places to make them feel safe). Keep in mind though that if you get juveniles, you'll want to understock the tank so that when they get larger, they'll eventually fill in the tank.

    Hope this helps ;D
  5. BennyB Valued Member Member

    Thanks, yes I know how to do a fishless cycle, and the number 1 thing on my "List of things to get with the tank" is a liquid test kit...the best one I can find. It will take me a while to be ready for this, maybe a year. Doing large water changes will not cause too much of a problem with me. I'll keep the tank near the bathroom so I can just dump the water right into the tub, then I'll use a hose to refil it. I use well water so that shouldn't cause too many problems.

    And thanks, Ken, for moving my post.
    BTW, in the furture, you can just call me Ben. :)
  6. funkman262 Well Known Member Member

    You wouldn't necessarily be doing large water changes. Instead of 1 large water change a week, hopefully you'd do several smaller water changes so the fish don't get stressed. Also, well water tends to be rather hard (unless you have an RO system at the house). I don't think any of your fish would be affected by that but you can double check with a gH tester. I'm sure you've done plenty of research but I'm just trying to cover the bases in case if you missed anything ;D
  7. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I have a water softener. But it broke...:(
    Would it be a good idea to fix it so I can use the well water, or can I just put salt in the tank, because I always keep salt in my tanks.
  8. funkman262 Well Known Member Member

    I believe all of your fish prefer fairly hard water but I would test it. I think mollies and platies prefer a gH of like 10-25 so I don't see your water posing a problem. I've never kept tetras but I don't believe they tolerate any salt.
  9. BennyB Valued Member Member

    I completely forgot about that...tetras, cats, basically any scaleless fish can't really stand salt. But I don't think a little bit would hurt, the platies and mollies could really use it.
    How about danios? Can I keep some Zebras in there?