Stocking Opinions For Custom Tank

Which option

  • Kuhlis and neons

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  • Cories and paradise fish

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  • Biotope

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5 to 10 years
Some time in the future I will be getting a custom built tank to fit my shelves. It will be roughly 36" long, 16" deep and quite shallow, probably less than 12" high. It will be a while until I get the tank but I would rather sort out the stocking before buying the tank than after.

Here are my current ideas

1. Kuhli loaches and neons
I have wanted both of these fish for a very long time. Kuhlis are so cute. I got dojo loaches for my cold water setup because I loved the look of kuhlis so much. Neons were the fish that first attracted me to the hobby.

2. A paradise fish and cories
I would have 1 paradise fish and a school of either peppered or panda cories. The benefit of this option is it wouldn't have to be heated. Cories are adorable and funny and paradise fish have a lot of personality and beautiful finnage.

3. Biotope tank
Not entirely sure what biotope I would go for but probably Brazil or Borneo. If I went for brazil I could have neons ember tetras, julii cories, banjo cats, an umbrella cichlid or a bolivian ram. Lots of nice options! If borneo then I could have kuhlis, chocolate gouramis, ricefish or mosquito rasboras. Otherwise might go for an Indian biotope with zebra danios, honey gouramis, barbs or Asian stone cats.
I am quite drawn to biotopes and would like to closely mimic their natural environment. I don't know if any of you read practical fishkeeping magazine but Nathan Hill's neon tetra biotope was inspiring.

Ugh I cant choose! lol


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I like the third option since the tank will be deep and shallow, allowing for a really interesting aqua scape. I’m not sure I can help you chose which biotope since they’re all so interesting but I think since this tank is already custom then you should make it different than other community tanks by focusing it on the environment more
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