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    I just want to bounce a few ideas and questions off of others for a thirty gallon tank, so far my idea is..

    1 Dwarf Gourami ( I've never owned gourami's before so some people recommended getting a male/female pair, would that be better than just a single gourami? I worry about fighting especially if there is an accident and both are male)
    8-10 Harlequin Rasbora
    8-10 Rosy Tetras
    1 Bristlenose Pleco
    2 Nerite Snails if only pleco is small and unable to take care of whole tank

    I understand the nitrogen cycle and overstocking but I want to know from owners of these fish if they work well together
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    Welcome to fishlore!

    I would stick to one dwarf gourami. Males fight badly. Very few stores stock female dwarf gouramis since they are a dull silvery colour. If you were to find some females you would want a few females for one male because the males can be pretty hard on the females and having a group of females means that the male's attention is divided between them.

    Young bristlenose plecos are usually very effective algae eaters but as they get older they need a meatier diet and eat less algae so you may want to get some snails eventually.

    Stocking looks ok to me. Keep the tank around 75-77f and they should all be happy.
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    Okay that's perfect, thank you so much! I just was very unsure about the gourami