Stocking My Planted 75

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    SMWD919 New Member Member

    So I have recently begun setting up my 75 gallon and had a few questions about stocking it. It is currently cycling and is my second tank, the other one being a planted 20 long.

    It will be heavily planted, medium-high lighting, and I will be dosing ferts. The pH is around 6.4, temp is 78. I wanted to stock it with:
    1 Angelfish
    8 Marbled Hatchetfish
    2 Bristlenose
    2 Siamese Algae Eaters
    15 Neons
    7 Serpae Tetras
    1 Breeding Pair of Keyhole Cichlids
    1 Group of Electric Blue Rams, once they pair off I plan on leaving one pair and removing the rest.

    My main question was is this tank overstocked? If not I was wondering if anybody had experience keeping keyholes with Rams and if it was a good idea.
  2. el337

    el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd pick different schooling fish. Neons could be eaten by your angel and they aren't temp compatible. The serpaes will be nippy towards your angel.

    SAE's are better in a group of at least 6 but you do have a lot going on at the bottom level so you might want to leave these out if you only planned on having 2 (they can get up to 6 inches as well).

    I don't have experience with keyholes and rams so someone else will have to comment but if you want them to breed, you will possibly see issues. If it were me, I would just do one pair of dwarf cichlids.
  3. tyguy7760

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    Keeping keyholes with rams should be fine in a 75. These two species are pretty peaceful even during spawning for cichlids. But you can always get a rogue cichlid that doesn't conform.

    Angelfish like warmer water. Typically you want to keep them in 79 degree water or higher for long term health. That makes it too warm for neon tetras. And once the angels get larger, neons will become snacks. Serpae's are also considered fin nippers which is risky keeping them with angels. If you are set on serpae's, I'd consider eliminating the neons and upping the serpae tetra numbers to 12-14. Siamese algae eaters are also schooling fish meaning you'll need at least 6. With 2 BN's in there I'd skip the SAE's entirely.

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