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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by kammeraad, Jun 16, 2016.

  1. kammeraadNew MemberMember

    So i'm looking at stocking my new to me 55 gal tank it has 4 live plants, a heater, tetra whisper ex70 filter, an air pump with 2 air stones, some decorations that provide hiding places, gravel, 5 zebra danios, 2 white skirt tetras, and 1 Opaline Gourami (female i think). my tank is currently cycling (I wanted to do a fishless cycle but husband and kids got impatient and the pet store was all to willing to sell us 9 fish (which went up to 13 because my husband claimed the single danio was lonely) after some bullying due to (i think) 3 diffrent schools of 2 tetras each ( black skirt, white skirt and serpae) and 4 trips to the fish store this week we are now down to the afore mentioned 8 fish.
    currently planning on buying more fish after the cycling is done and looking for advice
    we plan on buying:
    more white skirt tetra to make a school of 6(or maybe 10?)
    new black skirt tetra (will they school with the white skirt?) school of 6-10
    new serpae tetra school of 6-10
    some form of algae eater (husband favors catfish i was liking the look of Siamese algae eaters)
    possibly a male and another female Opaline Gourami

    what do you think would that be too many fish? will they get along? (kinda tired of bullying and fish dying so not why we got a fish tank) any recommendations on adding colorful fish would be good also kids really like Nemo and Dori but we are so not ready for a saltwater tank so freshwater lookalikes or alternatives would be good thanks
  2. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    There's not much overlap between the opaline gourami and the danios. If you want Serpaes and skirt tetras, I'd rehome all the danios - 2 schools of mid/top dwellers is the recommended max in a 55 gal.

    Watch for nipping from the skirt and serpae tetras towards the gouramis, and be ready to rehome if you see it.

    You could do something like this:

    6x Black skirt tetra
    6x White skirt tetra (same species as black skirt and will school together)
    10x Serpae tetra
    2-4x Opaline gourami (1 M, 1-3 F)
    10x Cories (10 individuals of one species) or 15x Kuhli tetra
    10x Otos (for algae eating)

    You can control algae yourself, but if you like the look of algae eaters, then otos are a great choice.
  3. OP

    kammeraadNew MemberMember

    i only have two small groups of plants will that be enough? i was planning on waiting to see if they bush out much before adding more because i don't want an overgrown tank. i don't know what type of plants they are bc we got them at petco and they didn't have lables (don't know that i would trust the lables without pictures either)

    i'd add pics but i can't figure out how to get pic small enough
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  4. Coradee

    CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    I use this site to resize pics
  5. OP

    kammeraadNew MemberMember

  6. OP

    kammeraadNew MemberMember

    I think we would rather keep the danios and not get the Serpaes. How many danios would be good with the eventual size of the other schools? we curantly have 5.
    we would really like some bright colors in the tank any suggestions?
  7. TexasDomer

    TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    What about something like this?

    8-12x Danios
    8-12x Black and white skirt tetras
    10x Cories (10 individuals of one species) or 15x Kuhli tetra
    10x Otos
    1x Rainbow cichlid
    1x Dwarf gourami (only one unless you can find a female) or 2-5x Honey gourami
  8. OP

    kammeraadNew MemberMember

    ok were thinking 8 danio
    12 tetras (6 black skirt and 6 white skirt)
    a school of Cories or Kuhli tetra (can't find anything on kuhli tetra is there another name i can google? if its supposed to be Kuhli loach my husband said no)
    a school of otos
    1-4 Opaline Gourami (have female looking to maybe add a 3 spot male and maybe another female or two...)

    my son is taken with the peacock cichlid after watching fincasters on youtube could we add those or are they too aggressive or big for our 55 gal?

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