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well... I think I'm about ready to stock my tank. I need to wait until I get the alege under control and until the ammonia is all the way gone. But I think we're getting close! Any suggestions on what would be some good HARDY fish to stock my tank?

We currently have two emrald green cory cats... I think they only get about 2.5 inches long each. I love them... they are really cute, currently a little over an inch long each. What fish would go well with these fish? and could I get a couple more cories? Do they get along in groups?

Thanks for any replies!



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Yes Cories get along really well in groups of 3 or more. I would get a couple more. As for tank mates look for things you like. angels are awesome but onlly 2 will work in your tank for they need 10 gal per fish to be really happy. Ottos are good at helping with algae problems and keeping your tank clean, also love to be in groups and don't get really big. Wait for carol or one of the others to give you some more ideas.



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Yes, a few Otos would be great to clean your tank Or, one Siamese Flying Fox (if it's the true one), or one Bristlenose Catfish. Two angelfish would work well too in a 29 gallon tank. If you get them, make sure there will be no other fish with "big personalities", as angels can get quite dominant. Also, be careful with adding tiny fish to a tank with angels - they could eat the small fish. However, my angelfish grew up with neons ever since they were very young. They never attacked or made any attempts at eating my neons. But it's very possible though, that when angels grow up only with other larger fish, and then they're put in a tank with small fish, they may very well eat the smaller fish. Plus, there are many other fish that are nice to have in a 29 gallon tank, either with or without angels. You could have 2 dwarf gouramis, for example, in a tank without angels. Really, there are many possibilities. Maybe you should tell us first which fish you personally like best and would like to have?

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