Stocking my 100-130 gallon tank.

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by zalattack32, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. zalattack32New MemberMember

    I have recently purchased a 100-130 gallon tank, i know all about the nitrogen cycle. I have talked to my LFS which the guy who runs it is also a good friend. I have one cascade 1500 canister and one wet/dry filter and a bio wheel 450 on stand by. Of course i want a dynamic duo of oscars (males), some bloody parrots, and a salfin pleco. I already have a baby green terror. I talked to severel LfS about overstocking my tank but all of them believe including a neighbor with 2 450 gallon tanks that i could have 1 green terror, 2 oscars 1 male red 1 male albino tiger, a pleco, and some bloody parrots maybe 2?. I would also like one other south america cichlid. i was looking at a red texas but there related to flower horns so that could turn out deadly.
    Please help!!!!!

    I use to have a 3 gallon and 15 gallon tank so this is a big stepup but i also know alot about fish, my family use to have a 600 gallon tank.
  2. GgAcEValued MemberMember

    I HAD a similar set up with fish in my 125. The green terror although absolutely gorgeous had to be traded in. As a youth he was fine. As he grew up with the oscars, he did some major damage (he was around 8 inches while the oscars are 12 & 13 inches).

    Currently my 125 has 2 oscars (one male Albino & 1 male red). a Florida Gar, & a royal watermelon Pleco. The oscars are pretty pieceful... I would steer clear of green terrors or any aggressive African cichlids.

    A picture from my sofa of the 125 gallon

    Here was my green terror [​IMG]
  3. zalattack32New MemberMember

    I need good fish that will go with these below.

    i Have a 120 gallon tank with one wet and dry filter that can put 700 gallons through per hour plus a cascade 1500 canister filter so basically 2200 gallons are filtered per hour and a biowheel 450 on standby. Here is my wants
    2 oscars, one red male one male tiger albino
    2 bloody parrots maybe more'
    1 salfin pleco

    I have associated every risk with over stocking so i made sure that i have room for 1-2 more cichlids

    does anyone have any good tank mates for these\? PLEASE HELP
  4. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    If you have other fish in with two Oscars in that size tank, you haven't considered every risk of overstocking. You can have two Oscars safely in that tank, but they would have to be pretty much the only fish in it. I would definitely not suggest more cichlids and would remove the bloody parrots from the stock list.

    You might be able to get away with some larger tetras, which will add movement, and not as much bioload, to the tank.

    Stocking isn't just about bioload and filtration, though. You have to consider aggression, activity level, occupation level, and swimming room when stocking a tank. If you decide to add more fish (which I don't recommend at this point) I would look at larger top dwellers with low bioloads. They have to be big enough that the adult Oscars won't be able to eat them.
  5. AquaristFishlore LegendMember

    Good morning and Welcome to Fish Lore!

    Star.gif I have deleted 1 of your duplicate threads and merged two others here. Please only create 1 thread per topic to prevent confusion among members.

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy the forum.

  6. GgAcEValued MemberMember

    Certainly well written. Kudos.

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