Stocking/mates for 5.5 gallon tank?


Hi! Last month my only betta died of ich, I followed procedures like I've been told so after a month (heat and ich drops) we got 2 mollies (1 black and 1 silver). They're adorable and always together.
The betta was fine all alone in there, but suddenly the 5.5 tank looks huge with just 2 mollies. We also have 1 yellow snail but it's not the same...
(The tank has been running the whole time.)
Is it possible to add any more? I was thinking about 4 in total. Or 2 are more than enough for a 5.5 tank?
Thank you.

Here's a cute 30 sec video of them eating


Mollies need at least 20-30 gallons. If you can't get a bigger tank I would rehome them.
You could do a pea puffer if you didn't want another betta. It just a shrimp/snail tank.


A 5 gallon is really too small for mollies.

I hope the store can let you return them.


Lauraaac said:
I'd recommend in a 5 gallon.. white cloud minnows
I wouldn't do those in anything less than 10-15 gallons. They need a school and lots of room to swim.


Lauraaac said:
I'd recommend in a 5 gallon.. white cloud minnows. Also nothing beats a heavily planted betta tank
. . . except a heavily planted shrimp tank.

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