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So I have a few questions:

First I have a 55 Gallong with an Aquclear 70 and a Tetra Whisper EX70.
Aquaclear 70 = 300 gph
Tetra Whisper EX70 = 340 gph
This is what is stocked in this tank:
1 Black Skirt Tetra
1 White Skirt Tetra
2 Red Eye Tetras
1 Neon Sword Tail (male)
1 Pinapple Sword Tail (female)
3 Zibra Danios
1 Green Cory
2 Peppered Cory
1 Panda Cory
1 Weather Loach
1 German Blue Ram
1 Gold Ram
1 Molly
1 Clown Loach
5 Sword Fry in a breeder box

Everyone gets a long great!

1. I was thikning of adding 3 ottos and 1 Female Sword to help give my other female a rest from the male. What do you think?

2. When the fry grow up, I would like to keep at least 1 more female and then I will either give the rest away or sell them to the pet store.

3. How is this stocked? Over? Under? Is there anything that someone could suggest as a nice addition?

Also have a 25 Gallon with a Aquaclear 50 = 200 GPH

It contains these fish:

1 Molly
1 Red Ballong Molly
6 Glow Light Tetra's
2 Small Red Eye Tetra's
1 Dwarf Gormi
1 German Blue Ram
2 Juvenile high fin corriies

How is this one stocked?

Was thinking of moving the 1 molly over to the 55 Gallon.

Can I add anything else to this tank? If I can any suggestions?


Good for you on having enough filtration! As for your stocking.....GBRs require temps in the low 80's, and weather loaches like temps in the mid to low 70's. Also, most of the fish you have prefer to be in groups of their own kind.
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Yes I am aware that it is not ideal to have a weather loach in with the rest of these fish. It was a rescue and will not be staying there as it's permant home. As for the GBR's I do agree that the ideal temp that all literature points to is low 80's, but I can tell you that none of my 3 do well with that temp at all. They were bred in 78 and I originally had my tank at 82, and left it there for several weeks, there colour was very pale and they didn't seem happy. I put it back down and they coloured up and are much better. I find that you can't alway go with the normal.

I appreciate that you tried to point out these issues, but you didn't really answer any of my questions. What do you mean by they like to be in groups of their own? Do you mean they like to school? If this is what you mean, than yes I do have some groups that like to school. If this isn't could you please explain?


Sorry for not answering your questions. Its hard for me to think about what can be added when there are pre-existing stocking issues. I did mean that most of the fish you have prefer to be in a school of their own kind.

How did you end up with so many different kinds of fish?

When you ask "how is it stocked?", what do you want us to base our answers on?


HI fishnob. I agree with jaysee, most of your fish would need bigger schools of their own kind. Wanting to add 3 otos is a bad idea, in my opinion. Otos are also fish that need to be in a large group, and in a tank that size, you'd want to add more than 3... but the best choice would be to take back some of the different varieties, and build up schools.

If it's not clear what I am trying to say, I can explain further.
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I purchased them, as I wanted a variety of different fish. The weather loach, and clown loach were both rescues. I plan to rehome them, although I am taking a liking to the clown loach so I just may purchase a bigger tank and add a few buddies for him and then just have a clown loach tank. When I asked how was it stocked I mean, can I add more fish? Do I already have too many?

It seems that you are saying that I shouldn't have a variety of fish? The Lare tetras all school together, the small tetras all school together, the corries all school together (waiting for the juviniles to gow up so I can try and add them to the other corries to make a larger school)

I like variety, I don't want a breed specific tank.

I just saw menuu post so editting for that reply. What fish should be in bigger schools? I read the info page for the ottos and it said they do well in small schools??? Is 3 not a small school?


3 is a small school. But your tank is a 55... they really should have more.

I think a variety of fish is good. I don't have a species tank either. I just think that rather than having a dozen varieties, you could have 6 varieties and build up the numbers.

Just as an example, danios need schools of at least 5 or 6, or they can become aggressive with one another. When I had 3, 2 bullied the 3rd to death. They are also notorious fin-nippers, but a large school helps calm them down. They may still nip (mine did, even in a school of 6), but they are much less likely to do so.


You have a nice tank. I think 3-5 Ottos would be a nice addition. I believe they have a low bioload and acclimate them slowly.

Adding another female Sword would be nice too but I don't know much about them.

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