Stocking Ideas? 29 Gallon Tank

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    I recently took my two 7" comet goldfish out of my 29 gallon tank and put them in the pond. My pond is finally stocked to perfection :D and I want to try something new in my tank. I am basing my entire tank off of ghost shrimp as all my goldies have always eaten the others and was wondering what I should put in there. As of now, I have 4 rosy red minnows and will be picking up shrimp tomorrow.

    Will livebearers such as platies be alright in the tank? Also will the shrimp snack on the platy fry? If I were to go ahead and put platies, minnows, and shrimp in there, what is everyone's opinion as to the number of each to look nice?

    Since platies are tropical fish and minnows arent so much what would be a god happy medium temperature to set it at?

    Thanks so much and sorry for all the questions. I'm new to anything but goldfish and koi :)

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    If there is an overlap in the temp, you can set it to that. But, if the fish have different temp requirements, there will be no happy medium for either.

    As for ghost shrimp eating fry - absolutely, if they can catch one they'll eat it. There aren't many fish that won't eat fry.

    Platys and guppies will be fine with the shrimp, but larger mollies might snack on small shrimp.

    As for numbers, I generally add 1 gs per gallon and may only see a few at any given moment.

    Oh, and welcome to the forum :)
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    thanks so much :)