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  1. Mattfinn Member Member

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    This is my latest tank a 10g which I thought was 18 but I decided to google that make of the tank and it's 10 sadly (got off friend who wasn't using anymore). So this is my ten gal I'm not to sure on what I should stock I was thinking either regime my 4 cherry barbs or just keep it a simple guppy/swordtail/mollies (this tank is more my 12 yr old brothers I'm introducing him to the hobby thinking of a simple and easy idea on what he should keep that won't bore him). But yeah any ideas on stocking and also any ideas on plants I should put in that will do good in a gravel only substrate. Thanks. I have wisteria and Anubias b. which I know I can easily grow in there but I'm not to sure. Thought maybe anarchis and some form of moss if I can get some in australia as it seems near impossible to find even Java moss.

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  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I'd just have some guppies, or a couple of patys,swordtails & mollies need a much bigger tank.
    Have you measured the dimensions of the tank to double check it's size?
    For easy care plants dwarf swords, java fern, cabomba would suit & moss if you can get it
  3. Mattfinn Member Member

    Yeah I know I need a bigger tank for anything else. But yeah some guppys, swordtails I was thinking yeah. Considered a Betta but Thought it might bore him a little too much and the pebbles aren't exactly Betta fin safe.
    Maybe some rcs or Amanos do you think if I could just a few do you think otherwise some mystery snails I was going to go with.

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  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    I meant you could have either guppies or platys, not swordtails as they get too big.
    You could have a Betta though shrimp with Betta are a risk.
    Shrimp would be ok with guppies or platys, they may munch on baby shrimp but should leave adults alone
  5. Mattfinn Member Member

    Ok thanks I'll look into the set up with the guppies and mollies and a few shrimp. Yeah sorry had a brain fart there with the mollies. Thanks for the help

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  6. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    mollies will not work in the 10gal, they will get too big and have a huge bioload. @Coradee suggests platys NOT mollies or swordtails.x
  7. Mattfinn Member Member

    Like I said brain fart.

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