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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by ghardin, Dec 28, 2012.

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    For christmas I got a 29 gallon tank :;snow (huge upgrade!)

    So I wanna stay with fish like guppies, platys, and some tetras (plus my one dwarf gourami, Ted) and maybe some shrimp or algae eaters. I don't know where to start! Any suggestions would be great!
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    I started my new 29g last month. Seems like you are also interested in a peaceful tropical community with mostly small fish so you may be interested in my stock choice.

    Here is what my dream stock plan looks like:

    4 peppered cory
    6 harlequin rasbora
    8 neon tetra
    1 dwarf gourami
    2 platy
    2 guppy

    I'm about halfway finished with 4 cory, 6 rasbora, and 1 VERY old platy. Next I'm going to go for the neon school.
    You should definitely check out cory catfish and the harlequin rasboras, they are awesome fish!

    Looking forward to seeing more suggestions for this size tank. Good luck :)
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    Instead of Peppered Corries, I'd do a smaller cory, like the Pygmy Cory and up the school to 6. Harlequin Rasboras would be good. There's also Ember, Kerri Blue, and Neon Tetras just to name a few. I have read that the long cylinder shaped bodied tetras are better community fish and that the taller ones tend to be more nippy. I'm not sure how accurate that is and I know a lot of this is species dependent as well. Guppies are good, but also a livebearer. If you don't want babies, just get males. The same goes for the Platies. Platies do get a little larger and poo a lot. As far as algae eaters, you could do a Bristlenose Pleco but they again are massive poo producers. If you are worried about algae I think maybe a Nerite Snail would be good. I'm a fan of micro fish. I like the Sparkling Gourami, but I don't know if they'll work with your Dwarf Gourami. I also like the Galaxy Rasboras. You could also do a variety of Killifish, but they have a much shorter lifespan. They are very colorful and amazing looking though!
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    I like your stock list myself, with a few modifications.

    First of Cory's should be in at least groups of 6 4 is doable but you will have much happier fish in the larger groups. Peppers do get a bit larger, thou if you stay to 6 you should be ok, if you went to a smaller cory you could up the group a bit.

    I really like the Harleys over the neons and personally would make the schools the same size. These fish do not produce much in the waste category and are very negligable as far as bio load goes considering. Swimming space is more of the concern for small schooling fish.

    As for the platy and guppy, are you looking at M/F or M/M or F/F pairs? If your looking for fry then it would need to be more of a M/F/F setup. Most of the other fish in the tank should handle the fry without incident.

    As for your DG they can get a little picky sometimes and do have a reputation for suffering from DG disease, personally I would look more into the Pearl Gourami category or maybe even a trio or so of Honeys, could also do a slightly larger group of honeys and drop the platy or guppy.

    Ok forgive the edit here as I didnt fully read, you already have the DG. so I would just go with him then.

    Also while im at it, as far as algae goes, after you get into having some algae I would just use Nerites in that tank, 1 should provide more than enough help as long as he gets in there as it all starts. I keep one in my 33 long and he does a great job.