Stocking Ideas With Plants For New Aquarium?


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Hello Fishlore! I am currently cycling a planted tank and I had a pest snail disaster. I just bought fenbenzadole (I am getting shrimp later) and I just had to remove all plants because they were covered in snails, and dying off because I accidentally used a high concentration for a bleach dip instead of regular concentration. So I still have a snail problem but I’m gonna use fenbenzadole and setup traps.

Anyway, I was wanting some ideas for plants. I want it heavily planted and I wanted it to look natural and not perfect. I have been watching The Secret History Living in Your Aquarium and I really like the look of his tanks and how they are heavily planted. If u watch his video on Phoenix Rasboras, that is exactly how I want it.

So far I think I am getting Micro Sword, Italian Vallisneria, Fissidens Nobilis, süßwassertang, and I wanted Rotala Indica but I’m not sure about using an iron heavy fert. Does dosing with extra iron have any negative side effects?

Any other ideas for plants that will fill out the water column would be greatly appreciated!!
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