Stocking Ideas With Amano Shrimp Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Travis Bradbury, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Travis BradburyValued MemberMember

    I have 7 Amano Shrimp in my 75 gallon, and I absolutely love them!

    Alot of my fish recently died to an aggressive DG, so I've been looking into restocking my tank with new fish I never had.
    Ive had neon tetras, guppys, platys, kuhli loaches, bn plecos.

    I was looking into Bolivian Rams(got 3, two died due to stress. no idea why. they have plenty of hiding spaces and many areas for territory, params were good, etc.).
    Looking into GBR and angelfish, but im worried they'll kill my amanos.

    What are some nice fish I can keep with my Amano shrimp?

    Right now im looking at Cherry barbs, and cardinal Tetras(maybe neon tetras again(DG killed all but 2 of them)), what else can I add for my amano shrimp to survive
  2. Discus-TangWell Known MemberMember

    Heavily planted
    1x betta
    6x cardinals
    6x cherry barbs
    6x harlequin rasboras
    10x Cory

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