Stocking Ideas Need Help Asap Plz

  1. Chris Van Tassel

    Chris Van Tassel New Member Member

    I have a global spec 16 gallon tank currently looks like picture. I have three (soon to be 2) bolivian rams in the tank currently. Looking for some tankmates for them. Can I get some advice

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  2. Hill Dweller

    Hill Dweller Well Known Member Member

    Hi there. Bolivian rams need a much bigger tank (the Seriously Fish website suggests minimum 90cm x 45cm footprint).

    For a 16 gallon I would personally go with the 10 gallon stocking resource at the link below knowing that on 16 gallons I could mix a few small groups from this list, or have a larger school than suggested for 10 gallons.

    If you like cichlids, I think there are some apistogramma species on this 10 gallon list which would be better suited for your tank size :)

    Stocking List for 10 Gallons

    Enjoy planning your stocking, it's one of my favourite things!
  3. Harlan12

    Harlan12 Valued Member Member

    I would get some shrimp and some nice guppys/endlers.
    You can get more male endlers than guppies but either are cool options for a nano tank like yours.
  4. A

    A.J New Member Member

    Maybe some small tetras, embers maybe.