Stocking ideas for a south american 55?

  1. Steve106 Member Member

    Hi, So I just got a new55 gallon that i will get up and cycled in the near future. In the meantime im trying to figure out what i want to do for the stocking. I currently have a juvenile bp which i am going to house in there, so i was wondering what some good tankmates for him would be. How would smaller south american cichilds. Any thoughts?
  2. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    I was going to do this
    3-syno petricola
    You could sub the synos with 2u bristlenose plecos

  3. Steve106 Member Member

    Hey, i was thinking about severums! I think they are beautiful fish, i was just worried they would get too big. How do you think firemouths would do?

    Oh and for dither fish, I have a school of tiger barbs I was thinking of putting in there also. I have them with the BP right now and its been a good combo for me.
  4. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    If you do yje severim and bp o dont think another cichlid would get along. You'll have to watch the severum and make sure it doesnt get that big but most will work. You could substitute a severum for a firmouth.

  5. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I wouldn't put a fish that grows to 10 inches in a tank that's only 12 inches wide.

    What do you mean by make sure the fish doesn't get that big?
  6. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    Most get 8 and ive been told by many peiple that a severum will work in a 55. A female would be better since rheyre usually smaller. It will take a long time for it to get 10in.
  7. Steve106 Member Member

    I definitely plan on upgrading tank size with the growth of the fish...right now the bp is only 2 inches. Im not trying to stunt the little guy. And i've ruled rainbows out based on your previous advice jaysee.

  8. Steve106 Member Member

    Im COMPLETELY open to suggestions of other fish I could do with the BP and tiger barbs in the 55. That's the whole purpose of this thread...I love hearing everyone's advice and suggestions before making any moves!
  9. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I've seen people suggest keeping it in a small tank to limit it's growth. I thought that's what you were referring to when you said to make sure the fish doesn't get that big.

    It certainly takes longer to reach the 10-12 inch mark than it does to reach 8. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything though, unless the tank were not a suitable long term home.
  10. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    im saying severums get 8-10 inches. 8 would be better but 10 would be ok IMO, and he's willing to upgrade so if it did start looking uncomfortable than he could get a 75.

  11. Steve106 Member Member

    How do you think a couple apistogrammas with a BP would do?
  12. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    not very well. bp is a little to aggressive, i think he will stress them too much
  13. Steve106 Member Member

    Apistogrammoides? i've read they are a little more aggressive
  14. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    theyre a dwar cichlid. i dont know it may work. i was told not to keep rams with one though.
  15. Steve106 Member Member

    Yea, i dont think rams would work either. I also read salvini somewhere. anyone with any experience with these, it was my understanding that they are very aggressive fish, too much so.
  16. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

    Yup i looked into gettong one and was told it was too aggressive. what about a cutteri cichlid? i have some juvis available actually.
  17. Steve106 Member Member

    Those cutteri look awesome! are they kept individually, or as pairs?
  18. allaboutfish Well Known Member Member

  19. convict15 Member Member

    convicts, firemouths, jewels
  20. Steve106 Member Member

    Hey Convict 15, no matter what I put in, they must be compatible with my blood parrot as I got the tank to put him in, until he outgrows it.