Stocking Ideas For A 47-55 Gallon Tank



So I'm planning on buying a new tank, but the biggest I can fit in my apartment is a 180 liter, which is about 47 gallons. I want it to be a community tank. I'm looking for stocking ideas for:

- discus, african cichlids or other colorful centerpiece fish (not angels)
- a school of tetras

Are there any peaceful cichlids I could keep? I heard peacock cichlids aren't that aggressive. I understand that discus need a lot of space, and id be willing to go up to 55 gallons, but that's the absolute maximum I could fit.


What about Bolivian rams? Theyre a peaceful cichlid and can be kept with a nice school of tetras.

Stock ideas

2 bolivian or german blue rams (bolivian tend to be hardier)
10 skirt tetras (black or white)
15 neon tetras
8 kuhlI loaches or warm water corydoras species
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