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I would like some ideas for what to stock in my 90 gallon tank. I'm still in the planning stage and haven't even set the tank up yet, but I have no clue what I may want to put in it when I do get it up and cycled. I've kept a saltwater tank for the last few years and hence forgot everything I once knew regarding freshwater fish compatibility LOL. (still got the basics though!)

What I am looking for is a community set-up. Lots of small-medium fish rather than a few large fish. Don't think I want to do African Cichlids either. Aside from that, I am not really set on anything and am open to any ideas.

My PH from the tap, if I recall, was right around 7.0. I haven't checked in a while and I only have high range ph tests on hand. I'll double-check, of course, during the actual set-up. If your recommendations require a higher or lower ph let me know so I can take that into account

If filtration makes a difference in your suggestions, the tank is drilled with a 25g wet/dry sump. I have a spare canister filter laying around I could use to supplement if need be.

Thanks in advance! I look forward to seeing your ideas.


Welcome to fishlore. Any particular fish you really like or dislike?


welcome to fishlore. were you directed here from somewhere?
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Thanks for the welcomes!

@Meenu - I don't really have any strong likes or dislikes as far as particular fish go. I like a lot of color and activity. Which was my main draw to marine fish really. But, I've done about all I can afford as far as that goes (which isn't near enough lol). I guess I would like some types of schooling fish, maybe some interesting oddballs or weirdos, etc. I do like Clown Loaches a lot if it would fit in a 90g, I haven't checked yet. If so, That would maybe be something to work around.

@josh11551 - Wasn't directed here. Just google magic! Googled "aquarium stocking ideas" and found my way here.


Basically you have the room for clowns they like to be in groups of 6 or so but personally if I were you I'd only get three since I don't think you have the tank space once they get full grown. You'll want to make sure your tank is established and has lots of hiding places before you add them. Then here's some ideas for tank mates....

-Gouramis (maybe a couple different types)
-RTS or Rainbow shark
-A school of bala sharks
-Some barbs, maybe rosys or something similar
-Some Rainbows
-A school of danios

I mainly found those online really it says you can put pretty much anything with them.


Here are some smaller groups of fish just to get you going, I am assuming you want smaller fish because you mention you don't really want African cichlids so I guess cichlids in general.

Puntius Tetrazona, Tiger Barb
Puntius Nigrofasciatus, Black Ruby Barb
There is also a Green Tiger Barb

Lots of Rainbowfish to pick from.

Puntius Conchonius, Rosy Barb. One of the cooler barbs I think and they get fairly large and a very nice red color.

Puntius Padamya, Odessa Barb. This one has an interesting history as many people believed it to be a hybrid for many years because they couldn't confirm where it was from, Burma. I don't think it was properly discribed until the last 3 years or so. Another weird one is it is found naturally at an elevation of near 10,000ft if I remember correctly where the water has a ph of over 11 (although that doesn't matter to the hobby since most are captive breed, still interesting.... to me anyways).

Lots of Tetras to pick from. (Cardinal and Neon being very popular) Black Neons and the Blue Tetras are nice also if you can get them.
Moenkhausia Pittieri, Diamond Tetras are pretty cool.

Guppy, molly, etc.

The list is endless. Perhaps you can narrow it down to a few fish you really want and we can suggest some species to go in around your picks.

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