Stocking Ideas For 20 Gallon? Which Colorful Fish?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Allan Mach, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Allan Mach

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    I have 2 male neon gourami (very docile actually,) I had emerald Cory but had to give them back because they need at least a 30 gallon, I had 2 mollies but one was very aggressive so am going to give those away as well, but I need ideas for colorful tropical fish that have a small bio load (preferably) I have a 70 rated aquaclear and do 25% water changes weekly, so I can afford a bit of overstocking.
  2. Mr.Mang09

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    You should not have 2 dwarf gourami males together in my opinion, even if they don’t fight now.Although in your tank they might’ve just both figured out there territory.You could go with a schoal of a smaller corydora. Maybe get a school of some tetra or rasbora.
  3. Discus-Tang

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  4. Paulsz

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    You could get some Panda cories, or maybe some kuhli loaches as bottom dwellers. Get 6 of them (just one though. Can't have both).

    You could probably also add a killifish to the tank. Nice and colourful
  5. keeperofmanyponds

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    I am stocking mine with 12 ottos and a betta fish. Seems like they do better than my guppies in there. I would say for color do platies or endlers!!! They seem tough, but make sure you have the tank covered because they jump!!!