Stocking Ideas For 11 Gallon (50 Litre) Question

  1. mintfossil

    mintfossil New Member Member

    Hi everyone,

    I’m planning and saving for a new 50 litre tank and I know I definitely want a dwarf gourami, just a single one as I know 11 gallons isn’t enough for a pair.

    What tank mates could go with this male gourami? I was thinking 5-6 neon tetras, cardinal tetras or some kind of cory but any advice would be loved!

    I can’t get any bigger than the tank I plan to get as I live at home and only have permission to get small tanks. As much as I would love to get a 200 litre!

  2. Carlthefishnotthelama

    Carlthefishnotthelama Valued Member Member

    i personally would not get a dwarf gourami in that small of a tank, 20 gallons at least IMO.
  3. Mary765

    Mary765 Well Known Member Member

    50l is closer to 12.5 gallons by the way :D

    I think you could have a dwarf gourami in there so long as there are lots and lots of hiding places for your other fish! Neon tetra aren't reccomended for a 10g (or 12.5) but green neon tetra are! Snoop around all your lfs and see if they sell green neon tetra!
  4. fishandle

    fishandle Valued Member Member