15 Gallon Tank Stocking Help?


Hi guys! I have a 15 gallon I’m looking to add more fish to. There are live and silk plants. Right now there are:
2 Von Rio Tetras
6 Glolight Tetras
3? Cherry Shrimp
Do I have room for a few more Von Rio’s so they can school?


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Personally, since the von rios and glo-light take up the same space in the tank I would say no. A proper school for each is 6+ but a 15 gallon isn't big enough IMO for a school of each. You are at the minimum size tank for a school of one or the other.
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I think yes, as I wool's say 6 tetras and a pair of honeys would be okay in a 10g. I think 12 tetras would be fine in a 15.

Edit: I just realized it's a vertical tank. I wouldn't say so, there isn't enough vertical space. Anixandria
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