Stocking Help Needed!


I'm planning on upgrading my male Betta from his 5.5g to a 10g!

In the 10, I would like to add some Neon Tetras and some Cory Cats. How many of each would be a good number to go along with my Betta? I know both of those need to be in groups. Also, can you mix the Cory Cats color mutations or is it best to just stick with one type?

Doing that will free up my 5.5g so I'm planning on starting up an invert only tank! I was hoping to have my three favorite types in there together. Snails (Nerite), Shrimp (Cherry), and frogs (African Dwarf). I'm hoping those three can work together peacefully and was wanting to know the stocking suggestions for them? I'm thinking 1 or 2 snails, 6 shrimp, and 2 to 3 frogs?


So neons need a 20 gallon tank and aren't temp compatible with Bettas. Bettas need 78-80F while the neons are best in lower 70s, <74F.

No type of cory can go in a 10 gallon, this is due to the fact that you need 6, even the dwarf types don't work due to their activity level.

If keeping fish with betta you should have at least a 20 gallon tank.


Agreed with above! If I were you, I would make some shrimp (depending the betta's temperament) or snails.


I agree with Al and aquatickeeper.
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