Stocking help for my 20 gallon community freshwater?


I'm just looking for some ideas on if and what I should add to my 20 gal community tank. I'll give a list of what I have and then a quick history.

6 adult neon tetras
1 almost full grown female fancy guppy
3 ghost shrimp
1 assassin snail
Medium anubias
Many red ludwigia
Wendilov and standard java fern
Green temple plant
Amazon sword

Medium vase

Gravel substrate

Tetra whisper iq 20

Temp 75°F
Am: 0
pH: 7:8
NO²: 0
NO³: 10
These levels have been consistent for 2 months.
Weekly water change between 25 and 50%.

I received the guppy by accident while getting the three ghost shrimp. I decided to keep her. I'm not sure if I should give her one or two tankmates. I don't plan on breeding or keeping fry. I was also thinking about adding one or two neon tetras.

I plan on getting a small piece of spiderwood, but I haven't found any yet in my area.

I tried adding three blue dream neo's earlier in the year, and it didn't go so well. I don't think I'm ready for the more higher end shrimp yet.

My only concern is I don't want to overstock the tank. I would appreciate any advice on whether I should get more neons, a friend for the guppy, or if it's fine as is. Or any other advice.

Thank you!


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If you have male and female guppies, you'll have to deal with fry. And i you buy more females, unless you get them from a breeder that does a good job of sorting fry when they are young, the females will be pregnant when you get them.

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