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I have a 29 gallon AGA aquarium with built in refugium/sump. I will have a pair of clownfish, but am looking for suggestions for other tank mates, both other fish and CUC. I was a considering a pair of skunk cleaners and a pair of peppermint shrimp... Would this work? Also what other critters for the cuc? Snails, micro starfish, etc.
As for fish, I like the look of firefish, but don't know how they'd get along. So definitely need ideas.
Any suggestions or critiques of my posted ideas are much appreciated.
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Personally, I would keep one pair of shrimp in a tank that size just to be safe, and I would go with the cleaner shrimp as those are probably my favorite shrimp.

For cleanup crew, I tend to like Banded Trochus snails because they can right themselves if they fall. Margarita snails are typically collected from cooler water and do not last that long so I tend to avoid those. Nerite snails are also a very good cleanup crew member as well as nassarius snails. I like to have a serpent star as part of my cleanup crew mainly because I really like them but you need to keep your nitrates down to keep one. If you want hermit crabs, I would suggest either dwarf blue leg or scarlet leg hermit crabs as these have been the least likely to kill snails IME.

In a tank your size and with your clownfish, I would skip the firefish as they can be timid. I would add a tailspot blenny and a orange spotted goby and that would be it.

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