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First post on this forum. Hoping you guys can give me your advice / opinions. Don't hold back! I'm only 1 year into this hobby.

I have a 75G tank with the following:

- 3 Blood Parrots (juveniles and my fav)
- 2 Angelfish (one male one female pair... have attempted breeding once)
- 6 black phantom tetras
- 4 zebra danios
- 1 red tailed black shark
- 1 bristlenose pleco

I have a cycled 30 gallon tank with an aquaclear 50 in it.

I'm thinking of moving the Angelfish, tetras, and danios into my 30 gallon. Reason being: the angelfish get VERY aggressive with my blood parrots when eggs are laid.

I'd then get a Jack Dempsey to put in my 75G with the parrots, shark, and pleco.

Oops. Filtration:

75G has a Eheim Pro 4 600 Cannister
30G has an aquaclear 50


If you decide to go for a JD, you might consider the Electric Blue JD
aka Blue Jack.
They don't grow quite as big as a standard JD & aren't as aggressive.
You also might give the Electric Blue Acara a look.


I know very little about cichlids, so don't have any advice, but welcome to the forum.

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