Stocking Help—Best Tankmates for Zebra Danios?


HI all,

Does anyone have any stocking recommendations for a 20 gallon long with 6 zebra danios?

I’ve had the zebra danios in the tank for a few weeks (I cycled the tank, then added three in, then added the other three after a week).
This is my first time with danios, so I waited a bit to make sure everything was going well. They’re happy and the water levels are good, so I’m looking to add some more fish to the tank now. I want to be sure I find good tank mates for these guys.

Thank you!

Kay 240

I like corydoras, they hang out on the bottom and the danios in the middle and top. I have pepper corydoras with mine, making my tank black and white. They like the same temperature too. I think danios will get along with most non aggressive fish but check the details


I second the Cory catfish. I have black ones and they both ignore and are ignored by my danios because they are at different levels in the tank.


What kind of fish are you looking into?

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