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    As a newby to tropical fish tanks I have done loads of reading and found some good advice. One thing that still elludes me however is the correct stocking level for my new Juwel Rio 180 litres . There are a number of different guides but nothing definitive. I have tried AqAdvisor which says I would be overstocked whilst others use a ratio of 1.2 x litres which would put me easily under. My current set up includes a number of live plants including Amazon sword and Cabomba with a few pieces of bog wood for decoration and the intention is to have the following:

    5 Zebra Danios (already in tank)
    4 Sunset Platies (already in tank)
    5 Green Glass Cobra Guppies
    2 (or more if can) Opaline Gourami
    2 Diamond Gold Angelfish
    2 Bristlenose catfish

    Does this make for a good combination and would they all fit in a tank of this size?
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  2. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    For Americans reading this thread: 180 litres is about 47.5 gallons. My understanding is (but please verify with others, since I am still new to this, and thus know more in theory than in practice) that for 2 bristlenose plecos one should have a minimum 55 gallon tank, and the same is even more true for angelfish which get big and need a tall tank (I have a 30 gallon tank and that is considered too small even for a single angelfish), also putting zebra fish with guppies is a risk especially in a crowded tank since zebra fish will nip the fins of guppies and zebra fish can be aggressive if stressed (when crowded). I may be wrong, but isn't the gourami a slow moving fish that may be stressed by the presence of really fast active fish such as the zebra danios? Also I read that one should try to under stock ones tank whenever possible, since fewer fish in less space is less stressful to fish and easier to maintain for human, thus calculators like AqAdvisor are really about what is the maximum number of fish you can have, but the maximum is not a good idea. I will see whether someone more experienced than me agrees with all that I wrote here, since as I said I am new to this myself. Best!

    PS: when you say 1.2xliters what do you mean? In the US we have a rule of 1inch per gallon, but what that means is you find out what the maximum size is that this kind of fish grows to be when adult, and then you use that size for inches in calculation, thus zebra fish max size is 2inches x 5 = 10 and thus your zebra fish alone by that rule would need a minimum of 10 gallons. However, most experienced people seem to think that such calculations are oversimplified and do not really apply since obviously one 10 inch fish could not live in a 10 gallon tank.

    PPS: looked up opaline gourami, and came back here to report: they grow to be up to 6 inches in size which is pretty large, they are territorial toward oneanother, and can be aggressive toward other slower moving fish such as angelfish.

    PPPS: Check out the thread -- similar size aquarium, some of the fish are same as on your list though some are different, and that poster has had his fish for a long time already, plus interesting comment on how the fish he has are not "supposed" to work together but they do. He has only one Opaline Gourami, plus he has two angels, danios, platies, and a few others.
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  3. OP

    SlypigNew MemberMember

    Thanks for your reply JoannaB. Some interesting points to mull over.

    Although I have read the post you referenced I would still be very interested in hearing from anyone else who has experience of this mix of fish and specifically whether or not there are too many for this size of tank? I used sites such as   for my fishy facts and choose the bristlenose specifically because it doesn't grow too large. I was amazed at how big others plecs get!
    As far as the angelfish are concerned, my next door neighbour has two in a 190 litre tank which seem to be very happy along with danios and others.

    Apologies if I wasn't clear (working in metric), the 1.2 refers to cm which is multiplied by the tank litres giving 216cm of fish (approx 86 inches). This is obviously much more than the 1 inch per gallon rule, hence the confusion.

    If it helps.... here is a recent pic of my tank all ready for some additional guests:
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  4. JoannaBWell Known MemberMember

    You may want to post a new thread to for example Freshwater Beginners section of this forum, reword it slightly, for example focusing on the differences between standards of how to determine whether a tank is overcrowded. I won't reply to your new thread, and maybe you will get a more experienced member to reply instead. Just a thought.

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