Stocking for indoor pond?


Hey everyone, I'm currently setting up an indoor pond using a plastic pot from Walmart. It holds about 10 gallons and will be home to my female betta. She's really peaceful and lives with my threadfin rainbows now but I want to move her. Anyone have suggestions for fish that look cool from the top and aren't jumpers?


Japanese rice fish. They will breed in a 10 gallon pond. They come in colors from platinum to blue. You can house them with a ton of hornwort for a kind of aquaponics. They will usually feed on bugs who try to nest on the water surface. They will take any kind of food, but I think quality pellet foods are best. If you can keep the bottom insulated so only the top of the water gets cold then they can be kept all winter long outside. The only thing they need technology wise is a sponge filter with an air stone. For an indoor pond you could also do Zebra danios because I think they can be a cold water fish.


Guppies, but you’ll want to watch your betta to be sure they aren’t eating all her food. I have a roughly 100 gallon indoor pond of just guppies. I set it up with a mini bog filter, and I like it. My cats like to drink the water from the bog filter! Ignore the purple looking light in some of the pictures, it’s from the grow light up for the plants.

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