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Betta Gremlin

Alright, so I don't have this tank yet, but it's one of my dream tanks that I will be able to get after I move.

It will be a 20 gallon.

Fish that absolutely will be going in are albino cory catfish. I have four right now in my 10 gallon- my mom had bought them for a 2.5 gallon without me knowing, so I did the best that I could.

So, the stocking that I know so far is:
×4 albino cory catfish (I need a recommendation to what I can bump that number up to)

I need help on the other fish though. I would like a single school of fish, and maybe one centerpiece fish, just maybe.


Do a 20 gallon long, and you could do 6-10 depending on what else you put in there. 6-8 would be perfect. Make sure you get fish that require the same temps & ph, it helps. Besides that, its what you like.


Cories really like to be in a group of at least 6, but seeing as how the albinos will get plenty big, you can put in 2 of a smaller type, say pandas, and they'll shoal together.

Is your water soft and acidic? If so, then small tetras such as embers, gold pristellas, and cardinals could look nice. Take your pick, just don't overcrowd. You could do a good-sized school of 1 or 2 types, or even get 4 of each as I've had smaller ones all shoal together.

Whatever you do for a centerpiece, I'd recommend that you avoid dwarf gouramis--they just seem to keel right over. And while cute, honey gouramis can be difficult. As it is, these fish tend to come to the US all the way from Thailand, and they just rarely seem to recover.
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Betta Gremlin

Yeah, I do know that they like schooling. I'm just scared of overcrowding their current 10 gallon even more, so I'm waiting until I'm able to get a bigger tank.
I'll have to check out the fish stores in the area I'm moving... It's close to a city, so I doubt that there won't be more types of fish than around here.
What about black neon tetras? How many do you think I could fit in there without overstocking?
I also think that the closest I could get to a centerpiece fish is my elephant ear betta, she's a sweetheart, but I know that there are temperature differences.

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