Stocking For 40 Gallon

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    Alex Miller Initiate Member

    Hi all
    i am a beginner with 1 fish tank at present, however, i will be setting up a 40 gallon tank in the near future, and i am wondering what would be the best choice for stocking
    i have made a list of fish that i would like in it. i am curious as to how many fish could be kept and whether some fish could be kept together or not
    Mbuna cichlid
    black widow/phantom tetra
    red forest jewels
    gold gourami
    pictus catfish
    comet goldfish

    the tank itself is not a 'tall' tank or 'long' tank
    if i do go tropical, i am also interested in adding a pleco or some corys.
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    Matty6477 Member Member

    First off, Mbuna cichlids are a type of African cichlid from lake malawi, and they must be in a species specific tank of size roughly 55g or more. Flowerhorns get roughly 12" so will need a tank size around 75g minimum.

    Even the smallest of the Bichir species gets too big for a 40 gallon, and the smaller species like the Polypterus Senegalus need around 55g minimum.
    The tetras are doable, but they require a school for them to be comfortable. Mollies and platies I think require tanks around 20g minimum, but they will readily breed so that's something you need to be careful about.
  3. kayla.s

    kayla.s Well Known Member Member

    The red jewels are an absolutely stunning fish, but can be aggressive. You could do a species only tank with them...