Stocking first Saltwater Tank

  1. keegee1012

    keegee1012 Valued Member Member

    My friend is moving away, giving me his 40 gallon tank full of saltwater equiment (Skimmers, wavemakers, extra filters, heaters, etc.)

    I've already gotten the water cycled for a week (Using two Yellowtail Damsels). I plan on doing a FOWLR. So far the only fish I want to get is a Halfblack Angel. I dunno. It has found fancy in my eyes. Though I dunno what to get other than that. Any tips? Yes Im going to keep the Yellowtail damsels.
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    iZaO Jnr Well Known Member Member

    A week wouldnt have nearly cycled the tank unless your friend gave you the tank while it was still up and running. Cycling with fish is considered cruel and medieval and there are many better ways to do it nowadays.

    I'm no expert on saltwater tanks but i can tell you to wait before stocking anything. The longer you wait with the tank setup the stronger and more stable it will become. How much live rock do you have?

    Many people have come to the saltwater forum to declare they caved under the pressure of having to wait and bought fish for their saltwater tank that was less than half a year old, only to have the fish die on them. Dont be part of that group. Be patient, wait, wait and wait some more, and finally when the tank is ready get one or two fish, and then again, wait, wait, and wait again and so on.

    What equipment did the tank come with? What are the details and brands of these things?
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    pitbull_nc Valued Member Member

    Yes I highly recommend a fishless cycle as well. It takes not only time and patience but knowing that it is hard on your fish otherwise. If it is not fully cycled you are going to have spikes left and right and will probably get real frustrated let alone risking your fish and money.