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    Chill New Member Member

    30 gal tank. Bio wheel filter tanks been cycled eventually would like 8 harlequin ras. Five oto. A pair of german blue rams and a banded gourami.

    Anyone have a better idea? I just want a fair amount of movement on all three levels and visually appealing comunity
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  3. Coradee

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    Once your tank has finished cycling that stocking looks ok but I'd reduce the number of harlequins to 6 or have espei rasboras instead as they're a bit smaller.
    Oto's don't do well in new tanks so wait a few months for your tank to mature before getting them, they'll still need supplementary feeding after that.
    To help prevent any aggression between the rams & gourami especially if the rams decide to breed, break up eyelines with planting & wood or decor
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    Chill New Member Member

    Thankyou I'll look into those espei
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