Stocking and Breeders

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    Nano Tanks Valued Member Member

    Hello! I am in the process in starting a new 5 gallon tank and have chosen Celestial Pearl danios! I have heard they are quite finicky but, it's better if they are from a breeder rather than wild caught. The tank I'm planning is going to be heavily and I also plan to run co2. So back to the topic CPD! If any of you are breeders/know any good breeders please leave a link! Also any tips on keeping them/socializing them is appreciated! Also this is my first ever post on Fishlore and I look forward to meeting all of you!
  2. Coradee

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    Welcome to Fishlore :)
    Sorry to say but in my opinion Cpd's need more space than a 5 gallon has to offer, they may be small & not the most active swimmers but they do need room.
    I'd suggest you upgrade to a 10 gallon if possible, failing that then a group of chilli rasboras or a Betta would be more suitable in a 5
  3. OP

    Nano Tanks Valued Member Member

    Ok I've done more research and I don't think I want CPD they are beautiful but I think I want a more extroverted fish. I was thinking of chili rasboras do you know of any good breeders? I'd rather buy from another fish keeper rather than a large company that treats their fish poorly.