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I'm currently looking and waiting on a quote for a D-D 200 gallon reef tank/cabinet and working through what I would like to add into it. This will be my first venture into saltwater after having tropical for many years.

It will be a reef tank with beginner hardy corals so no SPS just LPS fish and invertebrates

I'm looking to have the below types of fish but just need some guidance on what you think would work best and what to avoid in your experience. I went for a larger tank because I wanted tangs plus have a varied range of inhabitants. However, no puffer fish much to my sons disappointment (they just can't be trusted haha). I'm also trying to consider top and bottom half fish plus fish that perch on rocks.

1x pair of Ocellaris clown fish (a must for my wife and son). I have been told that maybe I could have two pairs (possibly Black Ice) if there was plenty of territories. I will be looking to get one or two bubble tip anemones.

2x dwarf angels - possibly Flame, Coral Beauty or Lemonpeel

1x Copperband Butterfly - I've been told these are pretty difficult to keep, must be already feeding on prepared food before buying but can still have a high mortality rate - would the Yellow Pyramid be better?

A number of wrasses for example Peacock, Canary, Flashers, Fairys - not a Melanurus as have heard they can be a bully - I'm not looking for all these wrasses just examples of some I like. What would be a great combination and number to safely home

A number of Blennys, for example Midas, Orange Spotted, Starry, Tail Spot, Jawfish - anymore that are great and would work well in the tank and community. Again I'm not looking for all these Blennys just examples of some I like.

1x Blue Throat Trigger - the only reef safe (with caution) trigger and really would like to have one as I think they're amazing

A number of Gobys for example species that will have a symbiotic relationship with shrimps for example Randalls and pistol shrimp, Watchman species, Diamond

1x Flame Hawkfish and 1x Longnose Hawkfish - in your experience are they invertebrate safe if well fed or are these a straight no or at my own risk

1x Spotted Mandarin or Red Ruby Dragonet

3x Yellow Tangs - I want more than 1 and know they should not be housed in pairs
1x Purple
1x Lipstick/Naso
1x Blue Regal/Hippo tang - a must for my son and wife

I would love a Kole Yellow eye but think this could be too many tangs even if added as juveniles together. This is the reason why I wanted a 2m tank 200 gallon tank

Schooling fish

Green Chromis
Purple Firefish or other firefish and dartfish

I really dislike the cardinals - I know they are brilliant peaceful schooling fish, I just can't have them.
No Damsels have been told they're bullies - is this true?

1x One Spot Foxface
1x Royal Gramma

Invertebrates - to clean and eat a varied of pests and algae etc

2x Cleaner Shrimps
1x Fire Shrimp
1x Candy Pistol
1 or 2x Peppermint Shrimps

CUC - to clean and eat a varied of pests and algae etc

Conch Snails
Blue Legged Hermits
Trochus Snails both banded and tiger
Cerith - are their eggs really that much of a problem?
Astrea - i'm on the fence as they can't flip themselves upright which must be a pain.
1x Tuxedo or Pin cushion urchin - to be added after 8-12 months
1x Serpent or Fromia starfish - to be added after 6 months - I've been told the Linkia species often die off
Emerald and Porcelain crabs

No sea hares, cucumbers, nudibranchs, lobsters or arrow crabs

What do you guys think - numbers are yet to be fully finalised.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated




Apologies, first thread and added to the freshwater forum. Have copied to the correct saltwater forum

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