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    being newbie, struggling where to post, favorites are sharks, gouramis and tetras. Have 2 20s and can't decide how to or if I can combine these fish somehow. Seems both sharks & gouramis fight same species. Already have a 6in Bala shark which has been moved up from 5g to current 20g (poor guy could only swim-in-place).
    And want to thank u all about cycling hints, not sure how my first tank got started, but thereafter it was moving established water to bigger tank. This year is first time in 30ys i have encountered need to Cycle and have chlorine city water both.

    another question : first time with live plants. Been blaming plants on ammonia spikes and on loss of fish, then i read in a thread that live plants help control ammonia? i am confused...i tossed the plants out the other day, should i have kept them?
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    Healthy plants will take up ammonia. Dead, rotting plants will create it, though.

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    Here is your new thread :)

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    Comments by AleyskaGirl:

    "And yes, live plants do wonders. But doesn't mean slack on water changes."

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    thank u
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    A bala shark I hate to tell you will quickly out grow the 20gal tank. You will need to start thinking about a 55 or bigger for him and soon.

    As for the rest, I love live plants they make the tank look so much more real. As for the gouramis you could do a lot with 20s and them.