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    Stephinpdx Initiate Member

    Well I'm not ready to add new fish yet since I'm still working on my cycle but of course I keep thinks my about it. How many fish can be added at once? I'd like to get 6 Cory cats and I know they like to have a large group, but I also know I shouldn't add too many at once, so what's the ideal plan there?
  2. BenMoffat

    BenMoffat Member Member

    Depends on how your cycling your tank, if your cycling with tetra safe start they normally recommend 4 fish every 2 weeks.
    But to be honest you would probably get away with adding 6 without to much issues just test your water a little extra after adding them to make sure you don't get any ammonia spikes.
  3. OP

    Stephinpdx Initiate Member

    Thanks BenMoffat! I'm doing a fish-in cycle and I'm in the nitrite spike part of the cycle, so just waiting for the nitrates to happen before adding anyone else.