Stocking A Planted Community 46 Bowfront


Alright hi! I just wanted some opinions on the fish I currently have in my tank and how many more you think I could add.
As the title says, I have a planted 46 gallon bowfront. In it currently, I have 1 Koi Angelfish (centerpiece fish), 2 Silver Tip Tetras, 3 Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, and 7 Skunk Botias.
So far my plan is to make my schools of silver tips and rainbows larger, probably 6-8 per species (originally started out w/ about 6 a piece but a few didn't make it). I also was planning on getting a smaller pleco, either a chocolate zebra or a blue phantom, and maybe a mystery snail or two.
Should I hold off on any of these fish? Should I get something else? At what point will my tank be roughly fully stocked? Would another species of fish work better?
Thoughts, opinions, and ideas would be much appreciated!


Well, as you can see (that is an aquarium calculator) what you're planning to have makes your tank 120% full. Although it's more than fully stocked, I think it's still acceptable, since it it were too much, Aqadvisor would show a warning.
With this you should just do more water changes.
(It also doesn't show any incompatibility between your fish, except for the silvertips nipping. You can see for yourself if your fish nip on your angel)


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Unless I misread, you have no algae eaters. I would think about adding a few of them. Siamese algae eater or otocinclus are the best, I find.

I also have a 45 bowfront !

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