Stocking a 55 gallon.

  1. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Hi guys.

    I bought a 55 gallon today and am already planning it all out, and I am considering stocking at the moment. I really love the looks of yellow labs, and I think I may do a species tank with them. Now for my questions:
    1. how many should I get?
    2. How to sex them?

    I really do want an African cichlid tank, so are there any other reasonably priced options that would be good in a 55?

  2. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the correct male to female ratio is 1:4 for lab. caeruleus. I suppose you can overstock to curb aggression, but you'd need to have the filtration to match it. Maybe 15 total would be appropriate?
  3. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    According to aqadvisor, yes the correct male to female ratio is 1:4, which is why I was curious on how to sex them. And I was planning on over-filtering it anyways, so that is not an issue, I suppose.
  4. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Would red peacock cichlids be any easier to stock? I like the looks of them better...
  5. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Completely changed my mind, thinking of doing a goldfish tank now. How many oranda goldfish would I be able to stock in my 55?
  6. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Haha I dunno... 2? I don't know goldfish at all. Only that I've been so wrong about them for such a long time. Sounds to me like a new thread question though. :)
  7. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    From what I have read, 3 goldfish would be a decent number for a 55 gallon, am I right?
  8. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    what kind of goldfish are you thinking? Fancies require at least 20G for the first and 10G for each one after, common Goldies need huge tanks.

    You could have 4 Fancies in a 55 Gallon with regular water changes and adequate filtration.xx
  9. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Thank you. :) As mentioned above, I was planning on putting orandas in it. Weekly 30-40% water changes will be performed, and the filtration will be done by a sunsun HW-304B, which should be plenty, I believe.
  10. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Sorry, I completely missed the "Oranda" bit :)

    I love Goldies. Orandas are so beautiful but, there's such a variety you should take a good look at before you decide!

    Ideally you want the tank water to go through the filter 10-20 times an hour. They are poop machines! 40-50% weekly changes are advised but, that's only a little more than you were planning!

    I'm so excited for you!x
  11. SW5 Well Known Member Member

    Oh trust me, I have taken a good look, I've been looking at pictures of these guys for practically the past 12 hours!
    Wow! I knew they were extreme waste producers but holy cow, that is insane! I will be buying another 55G, as I found out that the center brace on my used one has corroded plastic, and it will come with a HOB filter rated for a 55G, so I suppose I should put that on it too! I think I will stick to just three goldies, I tend to try to not max out my tanks, since I go on a lot of vacations.

    You've been a lot of help! ;D